Brazil’s young literary giants // Jovens gigantes literários do Brasil



Brazil’s young literary giants // Jovens gigantes literários do Brasil

brazil granta

One of the most prominent literary journals in the world’s showcase of Young Brazilian writers in English in English.
Uma das revistas literárias mais importantes na vitrine mundial de jovens escritores brasileiros em Inglês.

“In an instant the darkness is undone by light, and in his eyes, now shut, pale circles of luminosity begin bursting.” – Julián Fuks, The Dinner

“Then I realize, sitting on the sofa moistened by my sweat, why I have returned: because here, in Rio de Janeiro, my body feels at home.”-Tatiana Salem Levy, Blazing Sun

“Ada dealt with the various household details and did most of the chores while Otto followed her around telling anticlimactic stories. They were such good friends that Ada’s death left a silence in the hallways of the yellow house.” -Vanessa Barbara, Lettuce Nights

“Her feet together and hands clasped shut, she watches the street: ears alert to the sounds, to dirty eyes.” – Cristhiano Aguiar, Teresa

“Which explains all those crazy stories that do the rounds, like: ‘I screwed two chicks at New Year,’ or: ‘Then we all went skinny-dipping,’ or: ‘I took acid and lay on the sand and watched the fireworks.’”-Antônio Xerxenesky, Tomorrow, upon Awakening

“you see that the only thing that seems to move in its atmosphere is dust suspended against a fine thread of sunlight, that time itself sleeps lazily on the stupefied clocks..” Vinicius Jatobá, Still Life


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