Brazil, inspirational in the fight against AIDS//Brasil é inspiradora na luta contra a SIDA


Actress Goldie Hawn and amfAR Chairman Designer Kenneth Cole


Singers Ana Carolina and Preta Gil


Architect Andre Piva and Fashion Designer Carlos Tufvesson


Model Linda Evangelista


Actress Mariana Ximenes, Fashion Consultant Christina Pitanguy, Actress Fernanda Torres


Fashion Designer Lenny Niemeyer


Model Fernanda Motta, Actress Giovanna Antonelli, Model/TV Host Fiorella Mattheis, Actress Deborah Secco


Model Cassia Avila and Designer Jack Vartanian


Model Andrea Dellal, Editor in Chief of Vogue Brasil Daniela Falcao and Fashion Consultant Christina Pitanguy


Models Alice Dellal and Cara Delevingne

This year, Amfar hosted it’s celebrity-packed Inspiration Gala in Rio de Janeiro for the first since it’s 2010 inaugural year. It makes sense because Brazil’s strides in the prevention, education, and dissemination of resources against AIDS has indeed been inspirational.

The Brazilian government has taken strong actions to prevent the number of AIDS cases in the country. The government has sponsored free, anonymous and quick diagnoses, free medication and treatment in the public hospitals specialized doctors, and nationwide AIDS prevention and education campaigns.


Cristo Rendor in red for World AIDS Day

The country has even helped to curb the AIDS epidemic beyond it’s own borders.  Brazil produces some anti-retroviral medications locally and has donated over 30 thousand treatments throughout South America and Portuguese-speaking Africa – between 2003 and 2011.



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