Simple ways to make a space feel like home while you’re traveling


Whether you will be at a hotel, office, a friend’s pad, or even a hostel, how you personalize your temporary space can transform your entire experience.  Here are some packing pointers to make yourself at home wherever you are.

1.Travel Candles can work wonders to calm your nerves after hectic travel or during a stressful work day–you’d be surprised by what a little lavender-chamomille wax can do. Buy a quality candle and you often don’t even need to light it to be relaxed by it’s mood-switching scent.

Must Pack: Archipelago Travel Tin


2.Few things can lift your spirits like a good cup of coffe or pot of tea.  And few things can bring you down like a bad one. 

Must Pack: Starbucks coffe packs or Teavana teas

3. Humidifiers refine the air by bringing you moisture in dry winters and refreshing cold water mist on blazing summer days. Pick up a portable one that can connect via USB and you can get relief anywhere you go.

Must Pack: Vap0rb USB Ultrasonic Humidifier

4.  Now you can get Herbal Insect Repellents without the chemicals.  Most of the natural versions are lightweight and won’t leave you smelling like rubbing alchol.

Must Pack: Burt’s Bees Insect Repellent


5. Bringing a Water Bottle goes without saying–your body (and taste buds) will really thank you if you bring one with a filter. There are several filter water bottles out now, this foldable one is great.

Must Pack: Vapur Water Bottle


6. Sometimes luxury away from home can be as simple as wrapping your feet in your favorite Slipper Socks.

Must pack: Muk luk Slipper Socks

7.When you’re on the go, Dry Shampoo is the neccessity you never think of it’s too late. Banish bad hair days by always keeping a bottle on hand.


8. The multi functionality of a scarf makes it a no brainer packing item. Scarfs= throw, blanket, towel, coverup, neckwrap.  The fact that you don’t have to pack it in your luggage is definitely an added bonus.

9. When you’re on the go Cleansing Cloths are lifesavers in disposable napkin form. There are some great brands with essential oil blends that make them perfect for refreshing your face and naturally antibacterial for your hands.

10.  Most of us have our electronic photos these days, but catching a glipse of your hard copy photos of your dog or family moments can bring a smile to your face when you need it most–like your third day of non-stop meetings on the road.  Carry a portable version with you in a Locket or Travel frame.



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