Your heart will melt at the sight of this precious moment


When a baby is born, usually nurses have to pry the newborn away from it’s emotional parents.  In this video, it’s the baby who clings to the mom. Since the baby is born via C-section, nurses held the newborn to the mother’s head for their first meeting. Hearing the sound of the mother’s voice, the baby hugs her head and cries whenever they try to take the child to be cleaned. It’s an endearing moment illustrating the intense bonding that can occur while a baby is still in the womb.  We are not surprised that, from the sounds of it, this video was filmed in Brazil 🙂

Source: Thinkstock



Happy in Rio

This is like the very definition of the saying,”we’re laughing to keep from crying.”  Producers create the ultimate satire, using Pharrell William’s song, Happy in contrast to social issues and problems that Rio de janeiro is facing including crime, racism, and sanitation.

Isto é como a definição exacta do ditado, “estamos rindo para não chorar.”Produtores criou este excelente sátira, usando a música de Pharrell Williams, Happy, em contraste com os problemas sociais do Rio de Janeiro, incluindo o crime, o racismo, e lixo.

Parabéns Mestre Jorge Ben Jor!


Rio native Jorge Ben Jor was discovered while singing covers in a bar called Beco das Garrafas by a producer who happened to be there one night.  He was a hit maker out of the gate, with very first album featuring one of Brazil’s most popular songs” Mas que nada”.  There is an interesting break down of the meaning of Mas Que Nada on this site.

Rio nativo Jorge Ben Jor foi descoberto enquanto cantava em um bar chamado Beco das Garrafas por um produtor que estava lá uma noite. Ele era um hit maker imediatamente, com seu primeiro álbum com uma das músicas “Mas que nada” mais populares do Brasil. Há uma tradução interessante de Mas Que Nada neste site.