Receita – Macaron de framboesa /Raspberry Macaron


Tuesday Tunes: Brazil-inspired Album by Sango

Sango-da rocinha-producer

Michigan-born neo funk producer, Sango delivered a new Brazilian funk tinged LP, entitled Da Rocinha 2.  Inspired by the vibe of the Rocinha favela in Rio, Da Rocinha 2 is a follow-up to his 2012 release Da Rocinha.  Sango flexes his versitility on his latest release, lacing smooth instrumentals with tingly injections of popular songs from the US like, Aaliyah’s Are you that somebody (Baile Somebody) and funk hits from Rio like, Joga A Mão Pra Cima (Tres horas).

Sango, um produtor de funk neo nascido em Michigan, entregou um novo LP do funk brasileiro, intitulado Da Rocinha 2. Inspirado na vibe da favela da Rocinha, no Rio, Da Rocinha 2 é um follow-up para o seu 2012 lançamento Da Rocinha. Sango flexiona seu versitility em seu mais recente lançamento, entrelaçando instrumentais suaves com injeções de canções populares de os EUA como Aaliyah de Você que alguém (Baile Somebody) e sucessos do funk carioca, como Joga A Mão Pra Cima (Tres Horas).

Earn Income while Travelling and Working Remotely – 5 Creative Ways

You could be the next big do-it-yourself, bootstrapping success story all while pursuing your dream of travelling the world or staying home to raise kids.  Seriously, with a little dedication, you could make enough to live on and possibly enough to save.  See our examples below and let us know creative  and untraditional ways you’ve made money.

1. Sell goods on Etsy, ebay, and Local flea markets


If you’re willing to carry your knitting needles, jewelry supplies, paint or what have you in your luggage then you could set up shop on the road. And of course if you’re working from home, you can set up an entire home-based factory. Get your handmade candles, jewelry, paintings, etc. online and you could be the next big , Three Bird Nest (photo from their look book is pictured above) an Etsy star seller that makes over $65,000 per month (yes Sixty-five thousand not six thousand five hundred) on the international platform.

2. Design for your own roster of Companies and Small Businesses

Sites like Elance and Freelancer make it relatively easy to complete projects in everything from graphic design to programming and get paid from anywhere you have a computer and the internet.  As a freelance you set up a profile detailing your experience and your pay rate and businesses that have projects that they need outsourced link will reach out to you depending on their needs and budget.

3. Teach Your Craft

Whatever your passion there are sure to be others around the world that are into the same thing.  Give classes on your craft and the income could help support your travels.  Many creatively skilled freelancers offer music, yoga, dance classes wherever they travel by linking up with local studios or publicly advertise classes online and at cafes and schools.

2. Make You Tube Videos


It’s no secret that videos that go viral can mean big bucks for creators through Youtube’s revenue-sharing program. It has worked for reality comedian Jenna Marbles, sales clerk- cum- millionare media maker Jamal Edwards, and quite a few others. How can anyone forget Matt Harding, for example, badly dancing’ (his words!) his way around the world for 14 months while gaining worldwide attention from his YouTube videos and sponsorship from Stride gum and Visa. And of course the viral explosion of gangum style song and dance craze created by Psy, not only was gangum Style the most watched video in 2012, it earned the Korean entertainer an upwards of US$8.1 million in total revenue from combined sources.  Many vloggers, bloggers, and amateur video producers are whipping out their iPhones and uploading their own video content on everything from hair tutorials to video diaries and are cashing in.

5. Teach a foreign language.

If you’re looking to teach English, after and intense 4 to 6 weeks of coursework, you can receive your CELTA or a Trinity CertTESOL teaching certificate and have the credential to teach pretty much any accredited school.  Alternatively, you can contact local language teaching schools wherever you are traveling and see if they are looking for native speakers to teach courses.  No matter what your mother tongue is (Portuguese, English, Spanish, etc.)  there are always people looking to master a foreign language from a teacher with a clear native accent.  In the beginning, you may not make as much with a language school as you would if you had official certification, but once you gain experience you can get your own students and set your own prices.

Simple ways to make a space feel like home while you’re traveling


Whether you will be at a hotel, office, a friend’s pad, or even a hostel, how you personalize your temporary space can transform your entire experience.  Here are some packing pointers to make yourself at home wherever you are.

1.Travel Candles can work wonders to calm your nerves after hectic travel or during a stressful work day–you’d be surprised by what a little lavender-chamomille wax can do. Buy a quality candle and you often don’t even need to light it to be relaxed by it’s mood-switching scent.

Must Pack: Archipelago Travel Tin


2.Few things can lift your spirits like a good cup of coffe or pot of tea.  And few things can bring you down like a bad one. 

Must Pack: Starbucks coffe packs or Teavana teas

3. Humidifiers refine the air by bringing you moisture in dry winters and refreshing cold water mist on blazing summer days. Pick up a portable one that can connect via USB and you can get relief anywhere you go.

Must Pack: Vap0rb USB Ultrasonic Humidifier

4.  Now you can get Herbal Insect Repellents without the chemicals.  Most of the natural versions are lightweight and won’t leave you smelling like rubbing alchol.

Must Pack: Burt’s Bees Insect Repellent


5. Bringing a Water Bottle goes without saying–your body (and taste buds) will really thank you if you bring one with a filter. There are several filter water bottles out now, this foldable one is great.

Must Pack: Vapur Water Bottle


6. Sometimes luxury away from home can be as simple as wrapping your feet in your favorite Slipper Socks.

Must pack: Muk luk Slipper Socks

7.When you’re on the go, Dry Shampoo is the neccessity you never think of it’s too late. Banish bad hair days by always keeping a bottle on hand.


8. The multi functionality of a scarf makes it a no brainer packing item. Scarfs= throw, blanket, towel, coverup, neckwrap.  The fact that you don’t have to pack it in your luggage is definitely an added bonus.

9. When you’re on the go Cleansing Cloths are lifesavers in disposable napkin form. There are some great brands with essential oil blends that make them perfect for refreshing your face and naturally antibacterial for your hands.

10.  Most of us have our electronic photos these days, but catching a glipse of your hard copy photos of your dog or family moments can bring a smile to your face when you need it most–like your third day of non-stop meetings on the road.  Carry a portable version with you in a Locket or Travel frame.